Procrastination strikes again

Please stop burning, Colorado. (Photo from KDVR)

My motivation to get anything done this week appears to be absolutely shot. I am going to blame one part of this on an unusual amount tiredness, and the other part on the fact that my state is more or less burning itself into the ground.

But progress has definitely been made on one front! I met with my comps proctor today and have my five major questions more or less decided upon. I need to send him an email soon that writes them out in an actual coherent question form and come up with 4-5 bibliographic sources for each question. I am currently on my 10th book with plenty more in the queue, so that won’t be a problem. In August I will submit three pages on each question. So yay, I now have an actual direction to proceed in!

Now that I have a direction, I need to get back to work! Which means I need to outline for myself what I need to get done this weekend, since I am clearly lacking internal incentive.

  • Go to the Yves St. Laurent exhibition and post a review of it here Done 6/30/12
  • Finish Simon O’Sullivan’s Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari and post a review Done 7/1/12
  • Read the catalog essays for the exhibition West of Center (and ideally post a review of it by Sunday night)
  • Cinema on Etsy #3 (I’m doing a very bad job of keeping up with the weekly thing)
  • Watch “Craft Wars” (and possibly post a review) Can’t find it online 😦
  • Start the panda hat!! Started 6/30/12

Wish me luck on getting all this done!


Blogging as a cure for procrastination

Confession: I am the world’s worst selective-procrastinator. I don’t slack on the BIG stuff, but I may have had an oil leak go unfixed for 3 months, maybe 4; I’m still counting because I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. Online bill-pay is my best friend because I wait until the last hours before bills are due. I didn’t clean my apartment for 3 months during my first semester of grad school. I have decided to donate 10.5 inches of hair to Locks of Love in August because I didn’t feel like getting more than one haircut this past year. Most of these egregious acts of slacking can be attributed to my own forgetfulness that has clouded my mind since starting school.

For some people, blogging itself is a form of procrastination: it keeps you on the computer and away from other things like cleaning and “actual work,” and I would be downright lying if I said that I haven’t used this blog to avoid doing other things. However, it is also my primary source of motivation to get through everything I have to do this summer, especially studying and making stuff to donate. It is remarkably helpful having people “like” my posts or start following my blog because it makes me want to post more. If I don’t feel like doing more reading for comps, I write a post about another book that I recently finished or a project I am working on, and somehow I end up writing more than I ever thought I could for one thing. Continue reading