Next idea for a crochet project

Spring Training Cap, by Linda Permann

Pattern from the March/April 2012 edition of Crochet Today (which I’ll either need to go find or make up on my own, because all they have online is the supply list and a basic picture of the pattern sized for a child).

My lovely coworker sent me a picture of this via Pinterest. Some of you probably know that I have been having trouble thinking of a good hat for a 6-12 month old baby boy. Where would an uninspired crocheter be without a fashionable friend with a Pinterest account?

I apologize to my crafty friends for my absence from posting about crocheting. I sadly have not been working on anything lately for a variety of reasons: my need to read more books for school, last week’s shooting in Aurora, and my birthday are the big ones. But I am hoping to start on this hat soon! If I want the main body of the hat to be made primarily out of my Grandma’s yarn, I may have to opt for off-white. The red that I have is the same gauge, and I don’t think there is enough pure white in her stash at that size even for a baby hat.

I have also made a test swatch of that pale pink yarn I posted about previously for a 6-12 month old baby girl hat (this is the yarn that will nicely complement my currently unused dianthus flower). I am going to try something new with this hat: I want to use back and front post stitches for the brim so that I have a nice textured fabric that I can flip up. Hopefully that experiment goes well (and thank god for Youtube!).