Exhibition review: Yves Saint Laurent (DAM)

Considering that I see myself as a museum person, I am shockingly bad at going to museums (and galleries, for that matter). I can blame school and broke-ness, I guess, but they’re pretty lame excuses. It is quite fitting that I showed up to one of the most celebrated shows to ever come through Denver two weeks before closing. Nevertheless, it made for a great date night, for not only was it Untitled (a monthly Final Friday night party) at the DAM, but it was my long-awaited visit to YSL!

I am not a fashionista. At all. Not even in the slightest. Yves Saint Laurent probably turned over in his grave last night when I showed up to the exhibition wearing a tank top, jeans, and tennis shoes, with my hair in a loose ponytail and not even wearing makeup. I do not keep up with fashion, unless you count the fact that I am an avid viewer of “Project Runway.” There is nothing I can say that will contribute to or critique fashion in any way. However, my appreciation lies mainly in the making– the craft, if you will– of fashion. I love looking at the folds of the fabric, the seams between the panels, the interaction of the colors, and thinking about the genius involved in achieving its effects.  Continue reading