Things I dream about doing… after grad school

I have dedicated a lot of this blog’s bandwidth to rambling about grad school. Not a whole lot, but far more than I had originally intended. Summer has really opened my eyes to the glory of not being in school– in addition to revealing that everyone you know gets married in their mid- to late-20s– and I cannot believe that I ever used to get angsty about feeling bored.

My hate-love-hate relationship with grad school is kind of like my relationship with this meme.

My relationship with grad school is best described as hate-love-hate– you know, kind of like West-Northwest, which is when you’re headed in a more Westward-ly direction than a simple 45 degree-Northwest– because, while I love learning new things and feeling like I am benefiting my career, I cannot even begin to express how stressful school can be some weeks. It’s not necessarily the copious amount of reading and writing– I’m actually pretty fond of the writing (shocking, I know– I only post on my blog every other day)– that gets to me so much as the classroom experience.

I’ve got 13 days until I’m back in school. One of my upcoming classes meets for seven hours a week. Seven. Two hours on Mondays and five hours on Wednesdays. All of my other classes– in the past and next semester– meet for 2.5 hours a week. Granted, the five-hour sessions are field-trip oriented, but still: seven hours for one class.

I’ve thought a lot about what my life is going to be like next summer, which is hopefully when I’ll be done with my Master’s degree. I don’t want to revert back to my pre-grad school ways– sitting on the couch all night playing Tiny Wings or Angry Birds, reading the news off of like there is no tomorrow– because there is no denying that grad school has changed me. I can’t imagine being lazy after this experience. However, as much as I actually enjoy reading scholarly material now (seriously, I kind of do), there are other things I would like to do with my time as well. Continue reading


Army of cats at the Hermitage Museum

David Ryckaert III, “Peasant Woman with a Cat” (early 1640s)
(Image from The State Hermitage Museum)

Well this was refreshing to watch this morning: CNN had a video on their website about the “kitty army” that protects the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia from mice. There is a part of me (the registrar/collections manager/”dead” conservator) that was moaning “Nooooo…..” in my head. I mean, the cats protect the museum from mice, but it may not be the best idea to have them in the basement because of other potential issues, like shedding or bugs. If there are vents from the basement to the museum, the hair/bugs could make their way up to the art that way.  However, it sounds like they are well-cared for and they are kept away from the art. Continue reading

Crochet project #2: Baby girl’s hat

The girl’s version of the 0-3 month old hat is going well, though slower than the last hat. The yarn is very fine, the same size as the previous yarn I used, meaning that I am using a size F hook again, but it is a different yarn and the hat is turning out to have a much softer texture. I really hope it will fit, I’m not used to not having a head to test. I had to use a bigger hook to do the bottom chain, as I still tend to get my chains too tight. I still need to make the white brim, which I’m going to make a bit wider this time so that it can have a wider range of adjustment.

I’m already looking forward to my next project, and I really want to get a little more original than a simple double crochet stitch. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever made a hat with a stitch other than single or double, so I’m a little nervous. I’ve found a lot of beautiful ideas on various blogs here on WordPress as well as on Ravelry and my books. It’s just hard for me to use a yarn that isn’t the size listed in the instructions, since I’m still pretty new at adjusting patterns for my own purposes.

Freya is very supportive. And she loves to lay on anything I need to use.

My next projects are going to be for toddlers. I’ve seen some adorable hats that look like pandas, which is a nice unisex animal, so I want to make one of those. The other hat, though, is going to be off-white and have a flower on it. I’ll be using a size H hook for both of them, since the main body of each hat is the same type of yarn. After those are done, I’m thinking of going back to baby hats, but for babies older than three months. I’ll be needing to think of things that boys like so I can crochet something fun to attach…