The difficulties of kicking it “new school”

I think I used one of these… once…

Considering that I am in my mid-20’s and grew up watching cordless phones turn into cell phones, which have now turned into mini computers and cameras, I have been shockingly behind the ball when it comes to new technology. A lot of it has been because I simply cannot afford the hottest new electronics when they first come out. However, a lot of it is also because I tend to be a little old school anyway: I hand-write everything– my notes from the books I have been reading this summer (which means that it often takes a ridiculously long time to get through one chapter), to-do lists, class notes– I read real books, and I prefer to make things rather than go out and buy them. I could not bring myself to buy a smartphone until this past January (though I have had an iPod Touch since last year, which was equally difficult to transition to after using a traditional iPod since 2005. And don’t get me started on how difficult it was for me to transition from CD Walkman to iPod). I have also been using the same Macbook laptop since 2008. Of course, everything is relative when it comes to technology, as it seems to advance in leaps and bounds every few months, eventually rendering 3-year-old technology completely obsolete.  Continue reading