A History of Book and Essay Reviews

Dawn Ades and Simon Baker (eds.), Undercover Surrealism: Georges Bataille and DOCUMENTS. (8/7/12)

Elissa Auther and Adam Lerner (eds.), West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965-1977. (7/6/12)

Georges Bataille, Story of the Eye. (6/16/12)

Robert J. Belton, “Speaking with a Forked Tongue: ‘Male’ Discourse in ‘Female’ Surrealism?Surrealism and Women. (8/3/12)

Andre Breton, Arcanum 17. (6/24/12)

_____, Nadja. (6/9/12)

_____, Surrealism and Painting. (6/4/12)

Benjamin Buchloh, “Figures of Authority, Ciphers of Regression: Notes on the Return of Representation in European Painting.” Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation. (8/1/12)

Judith Butler, Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. (7/13/12)

Whitney Chadwick, Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement. (7/23/12)

Ilene Susan Fort and Tere Arcq (eds.), In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States. (6/8/12)

Gary J. Hausladen (ed.), Western Places, American Myths. (8/10/12)

Amelia Jones, Irrational Modernism: A Neurasthenic History of New York Dada. (7/27/12)

Rosalind Krauss, “No More Play.” Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths. (7/30/12)

Annette Shandler Levitt, The Genres and Genders of Surrealism. (6/17/12)

Natalya Lusty, Surrealism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis. (6/22/12)

Timothy R. Mahoney and Wendy J. Katz, Regionalism and the Humanities. (8/13/12)

Simon O’Sullivan, Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari: Thought Beyond Representation. (7/1/12)

Rebecca Peabody, et al (eds.), Pacific Standard Time: Los Angeles Art 1945-1980. (7/9/12)

Virginia Scharff. “Else Surely We Shall All Hang Separately: The Politics of Western Women’s History.” Pacific Historical Review 61.4, November 1992. (8/20/12)

Patricia Trenton (ed.), Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American West, 1890-1945. (6/18/12)

Marian Wardle (ed.), American Women Modernists: The Legacy of Robert Henri, 1910-1945. (7/17/12)

Art Links

Contemporary Art Colorado

  • Do you like art? Do you like Colorado? Do you like art IN Colorado? This website features only a fraction of all the great art museums and galleries in the state.  P.S. I’ve worked/interned/volunteered at a few of the places on the site, so I KNOW they’re good.


  • This fabulous blog belongs to a friend of mine. Think of it as HelloGiggles-gone-artsy. The almost-daily blog posts are quirky and fun, and the Denver Art Guide has an AMAZING breakdown of art events going on in the area.

Crochet Books and Links

Sue Whiting. The Crochet Bible. 2007.

  • This is a good reference for basic info and simple patterns. However, some of the projects are a little… old-fashioned. It’s definitely geared for a certain age group.

Debbie Stoller, Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. 2006.

  • Hands down my favorite crochet book to date. It’s got a lot of very cute and trendy patterns for tops, skirts, bags, you name it. It even has a pattern for a bikini (not that one would really want to wear a crocheted bikini)! Plus, Stoller is a riot to actually read. She makes crocheting– dare I say it?– hip.

Christen Haden. Creepy Cute Crochet. 2008.

  • This book is just plain fun. I’ve made about 10 for different people and always get an enthusiastic response. It is easy to modify the patterns too and make all kinds of different little critters: for example, I have made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and a little Coraline doll, neither of which were in the book.

Bev’s Country Cottage

  • This website has been a total godsend for me because it saved me from having to ask my coworkers awkward questions like “What is the circumference of your daughter’s head?” I was able to find a comprehensive size guide for crocheting for all age groups. Aside from that, it is chock full of patterns for knitters, crocheters, weavers, cross-stitchers– pretty much any crafter who uses thread or yarn!


  • You’re going to have to sign up to get into this site, but it is well worth it: this might as well be an internet oasis for knitters and crocheters. There are patterns galore, a yarn encyclopedia, a great community of people, and you can post your wares there! I just signed up myself, but you can find me at StefLa!

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