Tragedy strikes Colorado again

Photo from Denver Comic Con

Just the other day, I posted about looking forward to the midnight premiere of the newest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” at a local theatre in Sheridan, which is near Denver. It was not only the midnight premiere, but a screening of the entire trilogy. I was in the theatre for nearly 9 hours, and when we got out, I noticed cops were everywhere in the parking lot, but I figured they were keeping an eye out for potential drunk drivers. When we got in the car, my boyfriend had a text message from his brother asking him to contact him immediately. We thought it might have been a nasty accident on the highway, since my boyfriend works as a medical courier and his brother works as a taxi dispatcher. When I saw that Google Maps were clear of traffic on my phone, I checked the news: there was a shooting in Aurora at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” and at least 10 people were killed. I was numb– how could this happen? Who shoots up a movie theatre?

My boyfriend goes to film school in Aurora, and shortly after the initial shock of hearing about the shooting, we realized that we have friends who were probably at that theatre, since we all had been anticipating the release of the movie for god-knows-how-long. And sure enough, after checking Facebook and texting everyone we know in the area, we found that several had gone there in a group. They were in Theatre 8, right next door to the shooting, where some people were hit by stray bullets going through the wall. None of my friends were hurt, thank god, though I found out that two of them originally had tickets for Theatre 9 but had switched with someone so they could stay with their friends. The realization that we could have easily been there ourselves makes my stomach twist. And the news has only gotten worse since then: 12 people were killed and 58 were injured.

I had been planning on posting a review of the movie here on my blog, but in light of the recent tragic events, I am going to hold off for a while (plus, I doubt many people are going to want to go to the movies this weekend anyway. I know I have had my fill of theatres for a while and am never going to a midnight premiere again). Please send good thoughts/prayers/vibes in a Colorado-wardly direction, and tell everyone you care about that you love them.


Movie review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Grade: B+

‘Merica! (Film still from Next Movie)

Happy birthday, ‘Merica! What better way to celebrate America’s birthday (and a day off from work) by going to a matinee showing of a movie that is: a) about one of the most revered presidents in American history, b) a completely fantastical retelling of said president and the Civil War, and c) about hunting vampires.

I legitimately enjoyed this film. A lot of the reviews I have read say that this movie takes itself too seriously, what with the somewhat ludicrous material, and should have aired more on the campy side, but I didn’t care. It was good ol’ fashioned summer blockbuster fun, and people need to lighten up already. As Richard Roeper so aptly stated: “Of course it’s ridiculous and tasteless and grotesque. It’s ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER.” Continue reading

Cinema on Etsy, #2: Amelie

“Amelie” is hands-down my favorite movie of all-time. Seriously– OF. ALL. TIME. This movie changed my life when I was 16 years old. I wrote my entrance essay for college on “Amelie.”  My senior quote in the yearbook was from Hipolito’s book: “Sans toi, les emotions d’aujourd hui me seraient que la peau morte des emotions d’autrefois.” I saw so much of Amelie in me– the shyness and quirkiness in particular– and I have striven to emulate her kindness and generosity 9+ years since I first saw the movie. There aren’t as many crafty items for this movie as I would have thought, but less is more! Don’t forget to check out everyone’s Etsy shops!

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Movie review: Prometheus

Grade: C+

I love you, Michael Fassbender.

Words cannot express how glad I am that Ridley Scott has finally returned to his sci-fi roots. This is not to say that I did not enjoy “Thelma and Louise,” “Gladiator,” or “American Gangster,” but I definitely could have done without “A Good Year” and “Kingdom of Heaven.” I consequently overhyped “Prometheus” in my head, though I suppose over-hype was unavoidable with the “TED Talks” featurettes and other promos they came out with months before its actual release. This movie was a valiant attempt to recreate the awesomeness that was “Alien”– it is admittedly something of a quasi-prequel to the “Alien” franchise– and it succeeded in certain areas (effects, action, casting, general storyline). However, it failed in others (cliched, formulaic, overly vague) and left me rather frustrated when I got out of the theatre. Continue reading

Cinema on Etsy, #1: Coraline

Today, as I ruminated on the four hours of sleep I got last night, I had a brilliant idea: I want to have a weekly feature called Cinema on Etsy. I am going to search for crafts that were inspired by different films and post the highlights of my finds here. And what better starting point than “Coraline”? The very story lends itself easily to crafting, as Coraline comes upon a doll who spies on her and then opens a door into another world. Show some love to our fellow crafters and check out their pages!

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Movie review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Grade: B

Charlize Theron, you will always be fairest of them all– even if you are a soul-sucking, cannibalistic, evil queen.

First, let me get a couple things out in the open: 1) I have a major soft spot for fantasy movies; 2) I have never been a huge fan of “Snow White,” particularly the Disney version, as I find Snow White as a character to be way too much of a testament to the ideal woman before the 1970’s (i.e. always dependent on men to protect her while she fulfills her womanly duties of cooking, cleaning, and being entirely too chipper while doing it, not to mention the fact that her beauty is the most important thing about her). However, I do like how contemporary retellings such as this movie and “Once Upon a Time” have recalled its fairy tale origins and have both darkened the story and made it more complex; 3) I hate Kristen Stewart and will never understand why people think that she has “emotional depth” and “brings complexity” to her characters. And there is NO WAY that she is “fairest of them all” in comparison to Charlize Theron, who ironically enough is infinitely more respectable as an actress. Continue reading