This is a blog created in memory of my Grandma, Florence, who died on April 8– Easter Sunday– 2012. When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a place where I could combine my numerous interests– namely crafts, art, history, philosophy, museums, and film– into one spectacular assemblage of words and ideas. You may be asking yourself, “Why so many disparate categories?” Answer: I am a currently a graduate student working towards my Master’s degree in Art History and Professional Certificate in Museology, and my chronicling of the various projects I made and books I read motivated me to keep moving forward with my different goals. Indeed, up until October 2012, this blog largely served as a study guide for me as I was preparing for my comps, which I thankfully passed with flying colors.

How AM I going to have time to do all this when I’m getting my hair did??

My Grandma is the unifying link in everything here. I imagined that her spirit was cheering me on as I studied, as she was endlessly supportive and proud of all of my endeavors, even as I had little confidence in myself. Crafting– specifically crocheting, which she taught me how to do when I was about 12– was like a way for me to channel her: after my Grandma died, I inherited her collection of yarn and projects (some finished, some not). She was an avid knitter who made mainly scarves and baby booties, which she donated to a local safehouse for abused women and children.

Yeah, she was that awesome.

I took up her beautiful legacy after her death and have so far focused on crocheting hats to eventually donate, though I hope to make a wider variety of things in the future. However, I have simultaneously had to keep moving forward with my schoolwork so that I can finish my degree in May 2013. I like to think that my Grandma is always with me– especially when I took my comps and when I donated my first batch of handmade things– and it heartens me to imagine that I am somehow connected with her when I am crocheting.

Now that I am through the worst of my second year in grad school– I am now working on my thesis– I have decided that I am going narrow this blog’s focus to book reviews, crafting projects, and my thoughts on current events in the news as they related to arts and culture. Much of what I am posting now relates directly to what I am working on in school, though I hope to branch out once I am out of school and have more time to get out. I may one day return to posting movie reviews and stuff I found on Etsy, but maybe it’s better to just focus intently on a couple topics rather than vaguely on many topics.

Nevertheless, this blog is above all for Florence, because without her, I would not have gotten to where I am today.



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  1. Your blog is lovely! I am perplexed by the similarities we share… My great-grandma Florence crocheted, but I only learned this after taking it up myself. My grandma gave me all her supplies and books, and though I never met Florence, I feel connected to her now through our love for crochet. Also, I studied art history in Bologna during undergrad, about an hour from Florence. I hope to get a master’s degree in art history soon, but I have to wait until my husband completes law school! Finally, I too love crocheting baby clothes, but having no babies in my life, I donate them to Every Child Counts, an organization in Denver. I volunteered with them while I lived in Denver and now I just send them boxes of crocheted baby items. Anyways, I thought this was too much of a coincidence not to mention… 🙂

    • Thank you! We do have some crazy similarities, don’t we? I visited Bologna in December 2006 on a field trip– great town and great hot chocolate! And that’s so cool that you lived in Denver, as that is my current town! I’m donating my stuff to Larimer County’s safehouse, though I hope to be able to make more stuff once I am out of school and donate everything to a wider array of organizations. Tell your husband good luck with law school, and good luck to you in your future art history studies!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My grandmother taught me all the things that make life worth living, knitting, crocheting, cooking, singing, dancing and playing games…how lovely to honour your grandmother’s memory with this blog.

  3. “Answer: Do it all! And then some!”

    I love this. 🙂 At some point, there’s a certain amount of momentum that will keep you going in all your projects. Thanks for liking my angler fish post.

  4. Hi Stef, nice to meet you here, my name is James. What a nice way of remembering your Grandma, that’s a very loving thing to do. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your blog, your topics are very interesting. Hope the degree has gone better than OK for you!
    Take care and my best regards, James 🙂

      • 🙂 A wonderful achievement and a very rich discipline, well done! Have a nice day, Stef 🙂

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