Back in the crafty saddle again (sort of)


Invincibility Star Hat
(Pattern modified from April Draven Designs)

So, it’s been a long time since I posted anything about crocheting. And I mean a really long time. I’m fairly certain the last time I posted anything I was currently working on was in August 2012. I will admit that I have had to put my crocheting largely on the backburner because of school, though I have actually been rather busy with it in recent weeks despite my needing to also work on my thesis. I am increasingly finding that crocheting is becoming the best way for me to combat school- and work-related stress, and I think it is largely because I am intending to donate my work to feel-good causes. 

I previously kept my crocheted donations strictly to a safehouse near my hometown (and I am still going to donate all things made with my late Grandma’s yarn to it, as that is what I promised on the day she died), but I am now expanding my horizons to making hats for people undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that have resulted in hair loss. There are many wonderful organizations that distribute hats to hospitals across the country, and I chose Knots of Love (I like the verbal similarity to Locks of Love, another organization I have donated to). Making hats for people suffering the side effects of chemo treatments is somewhat more specialized, as it requires an increased attentiveness to sensitive skin. Therefore, only very soft yarns can be used (and I luckily already had a pretty good stash of Caron Simply Soft yarn going). Patients can also be sensitive about the fact that they have lost their hair and do not want to draw attention to that fact, so hats should be solidly made and not hole-y. Thankfully, Knots of Love has all the information needed for making the hats they need.

I found the pattern for the Invincibility Star Hat on Ravelry (and if you click on the hyperlink below the picture above, it will take you straight to the design). I really like the idea of making a hat that actually illustrates “invincibility” for a child undergoing such a sad and arduous illness. April’s stitch chart for the star was most helpful and I love her color choices. However, I am going to modify the hat’s design a bit and make it more of a standard beanie with a slightly rolled brim.

I have found so many other wonderful designs on Ravelry and have even come up with a few ideas of my own, but I unfortunately am going to have to keep it under control for the next couple months. However, my two years of hell grad school are almost over, and I have a feeling my crochet-work will go into hyperdrive come May 1.


One thought on “Back in the crafty saddle again (sort of)

  1. I love to crochet, too – find it very relaxing (more so than knitting, which for me requires a lot of concentration). Thanks for sharing information on the charities! ❤

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