I’ve heard about this thing called “WIP Wednesday”…

A soon-to-be-finished iPad cozy!

I’m being all kinds of bad this week: I’ve apparently lost all motivation to read for comps, and though I am once again crocheting, it is something that is just for me. My justification for the lack of studying is that I’m a little better off than I thought I was in terms of where I am in my preparation. Also, to be quite frank, at the moment I feel rather burned out and kind of want to take a break before I am back in the thick of school on Monday. I may regret this decision later, but right this second, I just don’t care.

So what am I working on? Why, a little folio/cozy for my beloved iPad! My boyfriend asked, “Didn’t you already buy a cover for your iPad?” I said that I didn’t want the cover getting all scratched up (yeah, I’m that Type A) and that I wanted to make something pretty/colorful. These yarns had been sitting around my apartment for 2 years. They were an impulse buy at this fiber crafts expo a couple summers ago, and for the longest time, I could not figure out what I wanted to do with them. Both are hand-dyed: the multi-colored wool is called Fairy Slipper (after the orchid),  and the other is a merino wool is called Winter Pine Buds. I’m just about done– I need to finish the other side with the merino wool and the trim– though I’m also thinking about making a little pocket to put my styluses in, or maybe doing some pretty embroidery to make it a bit more unique.

I may regret my decision to slack off on my studying right before things get a hell of a lot busier with a full class load, but at least I’ll have something bright and beautiful to look at. Working on this has also made me think about other things to add to my list of things I’d like to try once I’m out of school, such as learning how to spin and dye my own yarns. Those would be some very cool and unique skills to acquire.


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