Crochet project #4: Irish rose or dianthus?

I decided to dive in to my new 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet book and make two flowers to see how they would look with my hat, and I can’t choose which one I want to put on it.

The Irish rose is nice, big and pink– perfect for a little girl’s hat (I know I would have loved it). I actually messed it up a little bit and gave it an extra petal in the two outermost rows, but it’s still round.

The dianthus is just beautiful, and it is a little bit smaller than the Irish rose. If I go with the dianthus, I would make a few apple blossoms to put around it. Ordinarily I would make a couple more dianthus flowers and put the bunch off-center and closer to the ear. However, this hat is going to have ear flaps like the panda hat, and I don’t think that a large bunch of flowers would look very good on top of an ear flap.

When the body of the hat is complete– ear flaps and all– I am going to go around all the edges with the Watermelon yarn, kind of like I did with the panda hat, and then I’ll braid all of the strings together.

The hat should be done within the next couple days. I really have discovered how great it is to crochet on the stationary bike, because not only do I stay on it longer, but it is all kinds of awesome multi-tasking.


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