Crochet project #3: Panda hat

Panda hatI am so stoked to be working on this hat at last, not only because I’ve been anticipating it for two weeks, but also because I am finally using a thicker yarn again. I’m using Caron Simply Soft No Dye Lot for the main body and am using a size I hook (as opposed to a size H which the yarn ordinarily calls for). I’m also using a double crochet stitch. Again.

It is so lovely and soft, and according to the size chart it should fit a toddler (it is about 18″ around). It is shocking how big a toddler’s head is, but I say that as someone who has never spent any significant length of time around toddlers since being one myself. I sure hope it will fit. It’s going to be about 7″ high before I add on the ear flaps. I’m worried that I started decreasing the stitches too soon– the 9th row would have been the first row of dc2tog– but it seemed to make sense. I don’t want the hat being too loose or awkward-fitting. I wish I could invest in something that I can actually put the hats on to make sure they fit. Maybe I should just ask my co-workers to bring in some of their toddler’s hats so I can compare them, though it seems to me that a hand-crocheted hat seems to be a lot bigger than a store-bought hat for the same age range, since the latter type is often much more stretchy. We shall see…


2 thoughts on “Crochet project #3: Panda hat

    • Thanks so much! I think the (mostly) finished product has turned out pretty nicely. It seems like using the I hook makes it more stretchy, which I am a big fan of. Still couldn’t bring myself to get away from the double crochet stitch, though, lol.

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