Crochet project #2: Baby girl’s hat

The girl’s version of the 0-3 month old hat is going well, though slower than the last hat. The yarn is very fine, the same size as the previous yarn I used, meaning that I am using a size F hook again, but it is a different yarn and the hat is turning out to have a much softer texture. I really hope it will fit, I’m not used to not having a head to test. I had to use a bigger hook to do the bottom chain, as I still tend to get my chains too tight. I still need to make the white brim, which I’m going to make a bit wider this time so that it can have a wider range of adjustment.

I’m already looking forward to my next project, and I really want to get a little more original than a simple double crochet stitch. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever made a hat with a stitch other than single or double, so I’m a little nervous. I’ve found a lot of beautiful ideas on various blogs here on WordPress as well as on Ravelry and my books. It’s just hard for me to use a yarn that isn’t the size listed in the instructions, since I’m still pretty new at adjusting patterns for my own purposes.

Freya is very supportive. And she loves to lay on anything I need to use.

My next projects are going to be for toddlers. I’ve seen some adorable hats that look like pandas, which is a nice unisex animal, so I want to make one of those. The other hat, though, is going to be off-white and have a flower on it. I’ll be using a size H hook for both of them, since the main body of each hat is the same type of yarn. After those are done, I’m thinking of going back to baby hats, but for babies older than three months. I’ll be needing to think of things that boys like so I can crochet something fun to attach…


3 thoughts on “Crochet project #2: Baby girl’s hat

  1. I’ve made a lot of hats with the HDC stitch which ought to be a breeze for you if you sc and dc. 🙂 With the finer yarns you have to be careful sometimes because they like to split…I find this with baby yarns a lot. I crochet tightly as well so sometimes I too have to make adjustments in hook sizes etc. that differ from the pattern.

    The main thing I found when starting out was that every time I ventured into a new area…say a new yarn, making a sock, making a sweater etc…it is always trial and error. Its rarely 100% the first time you do something..but after that first time you have gained some really valuable experience.

    Please don’t ever hesitate to write me if you are stuck on something or you have questions…you are doing a great job so far !!!

    • You are so nice! Thank you for your suggestions and support! I’ve definitely had to adjust to these baby yarns, and the pink yarn did just like you said: it split at random places, and when I was making my first round, I was having a lot of trouble actually getting my hook all the way around the whole piece of yarn because it kept opening up between the fibers. The panda hat should be pretty easy, it’s Caron Simply Soft yarn, which I have worked with before. I will definitely be in touch if I need help!

      • Yes those finer yarns can really give you heck. Once you work with them a bit though you get used to them. Can’t wait to see your Panda hats! and yes…shout out anytime if you have a question…….

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