Cinema on Etsy, #2: Amelie

“Amelie” is hands-down my favorite movie of all-time. Seriously– OF. ALL. TIME. This movie changed my life when I was 16 years old. I wrote my entrance essay for college on “Amelie.”  My senior quote in the yearbook was from Hipolito’s book: “Sans toi, les emotions d’aujourd hui me seraient que la peau morte des emotions d’autrefois.” I saw so much of Amelie in me– the shyness and quirkiness in particular– and I have striven to emulate her kindness and generosity 9+ years since I first saw the movie. There aren’t as many crafty items for this movie as I would have thought, but less is more! Don’t forget to check out everyone’s Etsy shops!

1. Even artichokes have hearts (thecarboncrusader, $1.40): In another lifetime, I was a waitress, and I was so good at it that I only did it for 2 months. I didn’t get to wear flair on my apron, but if I had, I would have bought this button in a heartbeat. Not only is it a great quote from the movie, but it is a nice little jab at not-so-nice customers.

2. Portrait of a Gnome original painting (RustyAppleStudio, $400.00): What a beautifully done painted interpretation of the garden gnome! The amount of detail in the damask design is just gorgeous, and that gnome looks like he’s going to jump out of the painting and start traveling the world.

3. Amelie 11×17 inch poster (TheArtOfAdamJuresko, $22.00): It’s amazing how some choice coloring and fonts completely change the feel of a movie poster. I love how retro this poster looks, and if I was not obsessed with the movie, I would think that the storyline was something COMPLETELY different: Amelie looks like a ’70s con artist leaving cryptic pictures to lure cops to different places in Paris before making her grand escape.

4. Amelie t-shirt set (SapoConcho, $29.00): I really recommend clicking on the link I attached for this piece, because this tiny picture doesn’t do the print justice. It is so fine and detailed, yet so impressionistic!

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