Crochet project #1: Complete!

Hat for a 0-3 month old baby

In spite of second degree burns on my right thumb and index finger, as well as caring for my post-surgical kitty, I have completed my first project to be donated to the safehouse my Grandma used to donate to! It took me only five days!

I used a double crochet stitch and two types of yarn on this hat: Red Heart Baby Fingering yarn for most of the hat (which I am fairly certain is no longer manufactured, but you can find its current equivalent here) and Caron Simply Soft’s “no dye lot yarn” for the brim. The Red Heart required a size F hook, and the Caron a size H. I decided to use the Caron because I wanted to  have a bulkier yarn to create a nice rib effect by putting my stitches into the back loops of the previous rows. Plus I needed a quicker way to put some length on the hat (the patience thing is going to take me a while). I crocheted the brim separately and then attached it to the hat when it was finished. Hopefully this hat will keep a baby boy (or baby girl whose mom likes blue!) nice and warm.

Next up: the same thing, but in pink! My goal is to finish 10 hats by the end of the summer, two for each gender in different age groups. I’m really looking forward to making a hat for a toddler girl because I want to put a pretty little flower or butterfly on it. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Crochet project #1: Complete!

  1. Do you think the safehouse you donate to would take child sized hats? I made a few thinking my church would have another hat and mitten drive for foster kids last winter, but they didn’t and I don’t know what to do with these 4 hats I have.

    I’ve loved reading about your relationship with your grandma and her dedication to her charity knitting and crochet. Thanks for liking that post of mine – I don’t know if I would have found your blog otherwise and I’ve really enjoyed reading it now.

    • They certainly would like hats! I asked them specifically what they needed in terms of crocheted or knitted items for children, and they need hats and blankets. I’m not sure if you can send them things directly (their address is online, though I am going to be taking my stuff in personally), but I can check. If not, you could send them to me and I’ll make sure they get there. Thank you for your appreciation of my blog!

      • I’d love to send in my hats, either to the safehouse directly or to you. I’m moving in a couple months and trying to get as much yarn out of my house as possible – and four finished hats sitting around unworn need to go!

        If you let me know the name, I can check with them directly about mailed in donations.

      • It is Crossroads Safehouse. It’s in Larimer County. They’ll be glad to hear from you, they really appreciate donation of clothing items.

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