Crochet project #1: Baby boy’s hat

I have finally begun my first project made with my Grandma’s yarn: a blue hat for a baby boy. Most of the yarn she owned is very fine: I am having to use a size F/5 – 3.75 mm hook, which I have never used before and for which I don’t have any patterns. I’m fairly certain that most of this yarn is no longer manufactured– I couldn’t find Red Heart Baby Fingering yarn on their website– and judging by the yarn used for her completed baby booties, she had been using a larger gauge for some time. I made a chain of 80 stitches and am using a double crochet stitch. So far I have completed two rounds; however, I had to restart once because I realized that 68 stitches, which I initially started out with, was going to be too small, even for a newborn. This is going to be a simple hat– I found this pattern online, which I am adjusting to fit the yarn gauge– just so I can get used to it. I’m hoping my next project will be a girl’s hat with a little flower on it.

There is so much yarn… I’m thinking a lot about my Grandma as I work, wondering how she acquired all of this fine yarn that she never used. Did someone give her all of it, not knowing she preferred another kind? Did she buy a bunch years ago and decide that it was inadequate for what she wanted to make? It is literally going to take me years to get though all of it, but I am happy to do it.

I was able to look up the email info for the safe house she used to donate her knitted scarves and baby booties to, asking what they typically need for the women and children they are sheltering. I am hoping that they remember her (though I can’t imagine that they could have forgotten her– she was an unforgettable person). I would like to donate everything in her name, if that is possible. I don’t want her to be forgotten.


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