Bouquet of pens

Do you remember that line in “You’ve Got Mail” when Tom Hanks (narrating an email to Meg Ryan) says: “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address”? I bet you wanted a bouquet of some kind of writing tool after hearing that adorable statement. Well, my friends, look no further:

Who doesn’t need a really lurid pen?

You will need:

Write Dudes Style Ballpoint Pens ($1.88)

Silly Straws ($1.50)

Small fake flowers ($0.94)

Bead Treasures Glass Beads (Ombre, $2.47)

Jewelry Wire, 24 gauge (~$2.00)

Silver star stickers (~$1.00)

Paper (for name tags)

A hot glue gun

Clear packing tape

1) Plug in your hot glue gun (be careful– it gets, well, hot!) While you wait for the gun to heat up, cut your little flowers off of the bushel, leaving a little bit of stem left on each.

2) When your glue is hot, apply a dab to the short tip of the silly straw and apply the flower, letting the stem go into the straw. Do this to all of the straws.

3) Tape your flowery straws to each of the pens using the packing tape.

4) Cut about 6 or 7 inches of wire. Do this for as many pens as you have.

5) Slide a bead onto one end of each wire. Leave enough wire to wrap around half of the bead.

6) Glue the bead onto the end of the pen.

7) Once the glue is hard, wrap the wire around the pen and the straw.

8) Write your name on a little piece of paper, and tack it down with two stars on each end.

9) Wrap a little more packing tape around the name tag so that it won’t fall off.

And there you have it! A really, really gaudy set of very cute pens. Maybe now some of my coworkers will stop stealing my pens! I mean…



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