Cinema on Etsy, #1: Coraline

Today, as I ruminated on the four hours of sleep I got last night, I had a brilliant idea: I want to have a weekly feature called Cinema on Etsy. I am going to search for crafts that were inspired by different films and post the highlights of my finds here. And what better starting point than “Coraline”? The very story lends itself easily to crafting, as Coraline comes upon a doll who spies on her and then opens a door into another world. Show some love to our fellow crafters and check out their pages!

1. Coraline of paper (~$69.56, MyCrock): The amount of detail and work that went into this is staggering. She barely looks like she’s made of paper! And each one is made to order, which means that yours will be unique!

2. “Coraline”-inspired stars sweater ($150.00, CatWalk7): I have an indescribable amount of admiration for people who not only have the patience to knit/crochet something this big, but do it really REALLY well. This sweater is just gorgeous! (Side note: Want to see something SUPER cool? The sweaters that the Coraline puppet wears in the movie are actually knitted. It’s called micro-knitting– prepare to have your head explode with even more awesomeness).

3. “Coraline” earrings, Neil Gaiman-inspired, Button eyes and Other Mother’s hands ($15.00, DoBatsEatCats): These lovely earrings are a very unique jewelry-interpretation of the Other Mother in “Coraline.” The Other Mother seems to get a pretty bad rap (can’t imagine why), but there’s no denying that her transformation into a needly spider-thing is one of the most amazing feats in stop-motion animation.

4. Mouse Circus Starter Kit ($29.99, anitabelcast): Bobinsky may have blue skin because of Chernobyl, but let’s be honest here: his jumping mouse circus was pretty damn cool (if a little bizarre), and these little moushkas look like they came straight out of the movie. Plus, the three mice together are a total steal!


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